Coercive Influence

Coercive Influence (CI) is defined as the level of influence that an entity (person, business, institution, etc.) has available to them to coerce the behavior of other entities to enhance the coercing entity's overall influence. A Coercive Influence (CI) score can be calculated using open source formulas and supporting data.

The net Coercive Influence level is calculated using an aggregate of elements, including Assets, Business, Political, Media, and Philanthropic elements.

Specialized charts are dynamically generated to help the people identify which entities that the people should pay attention to, as a matter of preserving the overall freedom and prosperity of human civilization without outsourcing that responsibility to another entity. The Top 50 charts include recommendations ranging from Monitor, to Audit, to Action, for any given entity in the chart.

The classification of an entity into a particular category (Monitor, Audit, Action) is based upon that entity's overall calculated CI Score, combined with agreed upon thresholds for the Audit and Action categories. Any Top 50 chart should always be composed of these 3 categories. For purposes of demonstration, the Audit Threshold has been set at a ratio of 1.2 times the average Coercive Influence value for the given chart, and the Action threshold has been set to a ratio of 1.5

The weighting factors used to calculate the overall Coercive Influence score have yet to be determined, but are expected to be determined by a committee and published as open source

A team of contributors would adjust the database as the monitored entities change, to allow the dynamic generation of Top 50 charts

As a person hovers over a Top 50 CI chart, they can observe metadata on a given entity and can click the column to drill down into the underlying data.

The Top 50 charts can be generated for a variety of entity types, and can be filtered by locale.

Data elements required to create the dynamic Coercive Influence charts include:

Following is an example of the Coercive Influence of the Top 50 Individuals, with a worldwide scope, using fabricated data. Currently the only active drill-down page example is for M. Ambani, the first green column in the chart.

Coercive Influence - Top 50 Individuals - Worldwide